Want to Reduce Your High Blood Pressure? Follow These Simple Tips

Ever felt a sudden rise in your heartbeat or chest pains? Chances are you might have experienced high blood pressure. It is a serious illness which can cause a number of major health problems if not brought under control.


High blood pressure is a major cause of death in the United States and around the world. In fact, it is estimated that about 103 million adults in the United States have high blood pressure.


That’s a staggering number which makes almost half of the adult population in the United States.


So What Exactly is High Blood Pressure?


First, let us understand what is blood pressure.


Blood pressure is nothing but the force of blood that pushes against the walls of your arteries.


When this force increases or becomes too high, it’s what we call high blood pressure or, in other words, hypertension.


It is hence crucial to bring it to a normal level. Doing so will help you save yourself from the risk of getting a heart attack or even a stroke.


You can bring down your high blood pressure in many simple and practical ways.


Here’s how to do it:


Hit the Gym


Losing as little as a few pounds have shown to significantly reduce high blood pressure. This means that losing even 5% of your weight will work wonders for your health!


Losing weight helps your arteries do a better job at expanding and contracting, which in turn, keeps your blood pressure stable.


What’s more? By doing daily exercise, the effect is shown to be even greater.


Make sure you stretch those muscles and keep yourself in shape.


Avoid Sodium


Salt is an ingredient linked to high blood pressure and should be avoided, especially if you already have high blood pressure.


Eating plenty of salt increases the sodium amount in your bloodstream which breaks the balance and puts extra pressure on the arteries.


It’s hence better to avoid highly sodium-rich foods like pickles, bread, pizza, etc. Try going for fresh food with a seasoning of herbs rather than salt.


Take Supplements Made From Natural Ingredients


Natural supplements are filled with vital nutrients and minerals and are much safer than regular medications.


Natural supplements like PD120 contain nutrients such as CoQ10 and L-Theanine. These nutrients help regulate blood flow in the body, free up the blood vessels, and relieve stress.


Along with PD120, we also recommend Beet Root Pills and L-Arginine as our blood pressure supplements of choice.


Together they can significantly help you lower your blood pressure.


Quit Alcohol


Did you know that drinking too much alcohol can increase your blood pressure to a greater degree?


It was seen that almost 16% of problems related to hypertension in the US were linked to consistent alcohol consumption and that is no good news.


Alcohol also narrows your arteries and increases the level of fat in the blood which brings more risk of cardiovascular diseases.


If you are a heavy drinker, try avoiding alcohol to lower your high blood pressure.


Try Meditation

Practicing yoga or meditation is a great way to relieve stress and can definitely lower your high blood pressure.


High stress drives up your blood pressure by increasing the heart rate and constricting the arteries. Meditation techniques such as deep breathing help reduce stress and lower blood pressure.


Mindfulness is also a great technique and has shown to reduce blood pressure according to recent studies.


Switch to Mineral-Rich Diet

If you’re wondering what foods naturally lower blood pressure then here’s the answer.


Foods which are rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium are great at bringing down high blood pressure.


Potassium is good at eliminating sodium and can help you lower the pressure on your arteries. Magnesium can also further help strengthen your heart.


Try switching to fresh and wholesome foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, legumes, dairy products, and whole grains. These are rich in minerals and will help regulate your blood pressure.


A silent killer in disguise, high blood pressure has not only affected adults but also the younger generation. It’s therefore crucial to not neglect its undetectable nature.


While medications are still a choice, it’s always recommended to choose natural ways to cure your high blood pressure.


They are easier, practical, and free from side effects.


If you want to lower your high blood pressure in a more easier, safer, and natural way then look no further. Our range of blood pressure supplements will do it for you. Take your first step to a healthier life today!


Study Shows Statins Could Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem that many people around the world are dealing with. It is a dangerous condition because a person doesn’t know that their blood pressure is high unless they find out during a medical exam or the adverse health effects become evident.
In a study by the American College of Cardiology called the Hope-3 trial, it was shown that statins could significantly reduce the negative effects of high blood pressure when the patient was at moderate risk of heart disease and whose cholesterol was average.
Three reports were generated from the Hope-3 trial and all three of them stated that the use of medications that lowered blood pressure was only beneficial when the patient had a higher level of blood pressure.
Previous studies had looked at the effects of blood pressure and cholesterol drugs for people who already had renal and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a range of other conditions.
Current guidelines state that the drugs are recommended for people that are likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

The Hope-3 Trial

The Hope-3 trial looked at the outcomes of using blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering drugs to prevent cardiovascular issues in those at moderate risk.
Statins were found to be effective on their own or when combined with blood pressure medications for preventing deaths due to cardiovascular disease, strokes, heart failure, and heart attacks. The drugs were found to result in better outcomes than when a patient had elevated blood pressure and used a placebo.
The drugs showed no improvement in blood pressure for those with blood pressure that was slightly elevated. Those with low blood pressure were trending toward more negative outcomes.
The conclusion in the study was that statins should be used more when treating high blood pressure. It was found that the benefit is doubled when simultaneously lowering cholesterol while lowering blood pressure. This was measured using nearly 13,000 subjects in 21 countries.
Each participant had to have at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease. That risk factor could be a genetic predisposition, smoking, pre-existing heart disease, or a high waist-to-hip ratio. None of the subjects had yet been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.
The benefits were shown across multiple ethnic groups. Even all LDL cholesterol levels benefited, proving that the cholesterol level didn’t factor into the determination of whether a person would be able to reap the benefits of taking a statin.
It was also found that, for medication, it is relatively safe, although some patients report a number of side effects that required dose reduction or completely stopping the statin.

Side Effects of Statins on Blood Pressure

The Mayo Clinic reports several side effects and risks when it comes to taking statins just for high cholesterol. Those side effects include:

  • Muscle pain and damage
  • Liver damage
  • Increased blood glucose levels, risking type 2 diabetes
  • Memory loss
  • Confusion

Those at the highest risk of developing statin side effects are:

  • Men and women aged 65 and older
  • Being female
  • Taking more than one cholesterol-lowering medication
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Having a small body frame

There are also certain foods and drugs that interact with statins, such as:

  • Medications that treat irregular heart rhythms
  • Other cholesterol-lowering drugs
  • Some immunosuppressants
  • Some antifungal and antibiotic medications
  • Protease inhibitors
  • Grapefruit

The best way to know if a statin is going to interfere with a food or drug is to consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

When side effects occur, it may be necessary to stop the drug, switch to another statin, avoid vigorous exercise to prevent muscle injury, lower the dose, or add Q10 supplements. It is best to weigh the benefits against the risks to know if a statin is going to help you. If it does help and you have to be removed from therapy because of side effects, you could potentially be at a higher risk again for hypertension-related cardiovascular disease.

Natural Hypertension Treatment

It can be beneficial to explore natural blood pressure treatments. PD120 is a natural supplement that uses natural ingredients to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Two soft gels a day and that’s all you have to take.
As mentioned earlier, Q10 supplements can be added to a statin to reduce the side effects. CoQ10 is actually an ingredient in PD120. It is effective because CoQ10 is naturally found in the body and helps organs and muscles regulate energy levels. It also benefits the heart.
Other ingredients include Vitamin C, L-Theanine, Vitamin A, Sea buckthorn, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Flax Seed Oil, Omega 9, Omega 6, and Omega 3. All these ingredients play important roles in everything from metabolism and anti-inflammatory properties to improving cholesterol and blood pressure. They are ingredients that nature designed and they do the same things that statins were created to do.
For instance, Omega 9 is known for improving heart health and controlling blood glucose levels. This results in a reduced risk of stroke. Flax Seed Oil helps cholesterol and hardening of the arteries. Omega 3 helps protect against sudden cardiac death. Overall, there is a long list of benefits that can help blood pressure, cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, mental and physical stress, and so much more. Everything goes together to help ensure overall better health.
While it is possible for you to take PD120 by itself to help better maintain your high blood pressure, it is still best to be monitored by your physician. You can also take PD120 with your medications. If taking statins or any other type of drug, the CoQ10 in PD120 can be very beneficial to preventing some of the side effects that can affect quality of life.
If you are concerned about current medications and want to try something natural or you need to add a natural supplement to your medications, PD120 may be what you need. As research on statins moves it closer to being an effective treatment for high blood pressure, the need for supplements like PD120 is going to increase to aid in overall health and the management of side effects.

12 Ways to Naturally Lower Blood Pressure

Natural is always better for the body because of the lack of chemicals or other elements that can cause harm. While medications can be effective for treating high blood pressure, they can have serious side effects or harm other areas of the body like the liver. That’s not ideal because that is like trading one evil for another. However, some people make this trade-off since high blood pressure causes upward of 15% of U.S. deaths, according to a study conducted by Harvard. This is due in part to high blood pressure being symptom-less until something is very wrong.

Usually when something goes wrong is when an aneurysm, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, or cognitive deficiencies occur. The American Heart Association says that approximately 28% of Americans have high blood pressure and they are not aware. That is rather astounding. This is why those who haven’t had their blood pressure checked in two years need to do so immediately to make sure they aren’t among the unaware.

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

If you find out that you have high blood pressure, you want to do what you can to lower it naturally. Many physicians are now recommending natural methods before medications or a combination of both in an effort to eliminate the medication as soon as possible. Some people are successful at being able to stop the medication, while others aren’t. Even those that can’t eliminate medication can have their doses reduced, which can reduce or eliminate side effects.

The following are 12 ways to naturally lower blood pressure:

  1. Take a brisk walk – Power walking regularly is very good for the heart and for blood pressure. This exercise helps the heart utilize oxygen better so it doesn’t have to work so hard to push blood through the body. It is ideal to walk at least 30 minutes almost every day of the week. You can challenge yourself to walk longer distances at faster paces so you can give your heart a good workout.


  1. Increase potassium intake – Eat fruits and vegetables rich in potassium, since potassium is an important part of keeping blood pressure low and lowering that which is already high. Potatoes, bananas, orange juice, tomatoes, peas, prunes, kidney beans, raisins, honeydew melon, and cantaloupe are examples of foods that are rich in potassium.


  1. Reduce salt intake – Salt can increase the blood pressure of those with a family history and of some ethnic groups. The elderly should also decrease their salt intake. There is no method to show if a person is sensitive to sodium, but those with high salt intakes tend to be more likely to have high blood pressure than those that don’t. Spices can make good substitutes for salt and even lemon can be a nice way to flavor food without increasing the blood pressure.


  1. Supplements – There have been several studies that show CoQ10 reduces blood pressure significantly. It is an antioxidant that is needed to produce energy and dilate blood vessels. PD120 is a supplement containing CoQ10 and other vitamins, herbs, and amino acids that the body needs to function. By combining these important ingredients into one supplement, PD120 is effective in helping to maintain healthy blood pressure.


  1. Dark Chocolate – Information can be confusing because you hear people saying that it is best to cut down on the chocolate intake, yet you’re hearing that you should eat dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is much better than milk chocolate because it is purer. If it is at least 70% cocoa, its flavonols are kept intact. Flavonols make blood vessels stretch better, which can reduce blood pressure. To see a benefit, it is best to eat an ounce of dark chocolate every day.


  1. Have a little wine – Alcohol has always been cited as a culprit for high blood pressure, but now Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston says that women drinking one-half an alcoholic beverage a day can reduce blood pressure more than having no drinks at all. That means that evening glass of wine is okay for keeping your blood pressure low after a tough day.


  1. Drop the caffeine – Scientists have been telling the public about how caffeine can affect blood pressure. Some studies show that caffeine has no impact, but Duke University Medical Center begs to differ. They found that consuming 24 ounces of coffee can increase blood pressure and the effect lasted the entire day. This effect happens because caffeine causes blood vessels to tighten.


  1. Hibiscus Tea – In a Tufts University study, the study participants drank three cups of hibiscus tea every day to lower systolic blood pressure, which is the top number in your blood pressure reading. The results were comparable to that of some medications. Those who received the placebo saw only slight improvement. Hibiscus tea works because of the phytochemicals it contains.


  1. Don’t work so hard – If your boss wants you to work an hour overtime, it could be putting you at risk. Office workers that work more than 41 hours every week are at a higher risk of high blood pressure. It is also good to leave at a decent time so you can make dinner, relax, go to the gym, and do other things you need to do.


  1. Get help for apnea – If you snore, you may be having an apnea issue. Obstructive sleep apnea destroys the quality of sleep and can raise blood pressure because of an increased production of the hormone aldosterone. Getting help for this can help to lower blood pressure.


  1. Soy is best – The Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association stated that refined carbohydrates can lower blood pressure. Soy contains these carbohydrates, which is why you want to integrate foods rich in soy.


  1. Control stress – Stress is a major contributor to high blood pressure because it causes the heart to work harder than it should. Listen to music, relax, exercise, spend some time with friends or family, eat healthy foods, meditate, do breathing exercises, or anything that will help you get control over your stress.


You Can Control Blood Pressure

Many people are able to control blood pressure. Always speak with your physician about what you are doing so they can identify any conflicts between medication and supplements or anything else you wish to do. Your doctor can monitor your progress and help you along the journey to better health.

Blood Pressure Lowering Herbs

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that approximately 33% of American adults suffer from hypertension.

If you’re not aware of what constitutes hypertension, or high blood pressure, it is what happens when the blood pushes against your arterial walls with too much force. The American Heart Association says that this force causes damage to those walls if it is too high for too long. The tissues stretch beyond what they’re meant to stretch.

When this force is recorded, it is done by looking at two numbers. Systolic pressure is the top number in a blood pressure reading. It measures arterial pressure when the heart’s ventricles contract. Diastolic pressure is the bottom number and measures arterial pressure between heartbeats when the heart’s ventricles relax. If the systolic pressure is over 140 mmHg and the diastolic pressure is more than 90, a person is classified as having high blood pressure.

Contributors to High Blood Pressure and Risks

A person can develop high blood pressure for several reasons. They include poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, and smoking. Unfortunately, hypertension doesn’t have any symptoms until it is too late. This is why it is considered a silent killer and why regular checkups are important, especially as you age.

If you have high blood pressure, you are at risk for the following health problems:

  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Vision loss
  • Heart failure
  • Kidney failure

To get high blood pressure under control, you can test your blood pressure at home and also at your doctor’s office.

Herbs and Supplements That Treat Hypertension

There are prescription drugs that are designed to treat hypertension, but some people prefer natural remedies over artificial ones, or they wish to combine natural herbs and supplements with their medications. PD120 is the perfect example of a supplement that can be used alone or taken with existing medications. It contains natural ingredients that the body needs to keep blood pressure and cholesterol low. The ingredients also help with arthritis, mental health, and more. The ingredients are CoQ10, L-Theanine, Sea Buckthorn, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, and Flax Seed Oil. Other herbs and supplements that have proven to be effective for the treatment and prevention of high blood pressure include:

  • Basil – Basil is used in many foods and is also known to lower blood pressure. Although basil extract reduces blood pressure for just a short time, it is a nice addition to your diet.


  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon is another delicious seasoning that has health benefits. For those with diabetes, consuming cinnamon daily has been shown to reduce blood pressure. Cinnamon can be consumed in several ways, such as on oatmeal, toast, cereal, and in coffee. Cinnamon can also be added to stews and other dishes.


  • Flaxseed – Flaxseed is one of the ingredients in PD120 and deserves another mention because it contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for lowering blood pressure. There is also evidence that flaxseed may reduce serum cholesterol, which protects against cardiovascular disease. When you consume flaxseed by itself, you can stir it into practically any food.


  • Cardamom – Cardamom is an Indian seasoning that is usually used in Asian dishes. A study that was published in the Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics in 2009 showed that participants that consumed powdered cardamom every day for a few months saw a significant reduction in their systolic and diastolic pressures. Cardamom is ideal for stews, soups, baked goods, and spice rubs.


  • Garlic – Garlic doesn’t always smell nice, but it is powerful in that it dilates and relaxes blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure. When blood flows freely, the pressure on artery walls is greatly reduced.


  • Ginger – In an article published by Nahida Tabassum and Feroz Ahmad in 2011, they reported that there was evidence that ginger relaxed the muscles around blood vessels, which improves the circulation of the blood. Ginger is commonly used in Asian foods, but it is also used in beverages and sweets. Ginger can be grated or chopped and placed in vegetable dishes, noodle dishes, soups, or added to tea.


  • French Lavender – Everyone hears great things about lavender because the scent is relaxing. It is also possible for the herb to lower blood pressure. While most people don’t think of lavender as something that can be consumed, the leaves can be used in dishes and the flowers in baked goods.


  • Celery Seed – Celery seed is commonly used in stews, soups, casseroles, and other dishes that need a taste of celery. Many years ago, the Chinese used celery seed to treat high blood pressure. Tabassum and Ahmad’s study showed that the seeds can be effective, but the entire plant can be juiced. The effect celery has on blood pressure is probably due in part to it being a diuretic.


  • Hawthorn – Hawthorn is a herb that the Chinese have used for thousands of years because of its medicinal properties. It is a high blood pressure remedy because of its positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It helps prevent clots and increases circulation. Hawthorn can be taken as a liquid extract, tea, or pill.


  • Cat’s Claw – Another traditional Chinese medicine, Cat’s Claw has been known to treat high blood pressure and neurological issues. It takes on the calcium channels in the cells and is available at most health food stores.


Explore Natural Options

It is important to explore natural options, as humans discovered thousands of years ago or more that the earth yielded herbs that had medicinal properties. While high blood pressure is silent prior to the damage it causes becoming evident, modern research has shown how these ancient remedies can positively influence the cardiovascular system and have a positive impact on high blood pressure. From trying these herbs individually to taking PD120 for all its benefits, you have options when treating high blood pressure. Just be sure to inform your doctor of any supplements that you consume to ensure you are doing so safely and so there are no conflicts with any medications you may be taking.

Best Exercises That Keep Blood Pressure Down

Good health is something that is important to virtually everyone, even if maintaining it isn’t a top priority at the moment.  It’s understandable, though – with work, kids, taking care of this and that, keeping yourself in good health is a difficult undertaking.  There are points, however, where you have to acknowledge that something really has to be done, and tackling high blood pressure is one of them. 

While it is a serious issue, you can take relief in knowing that there are many viable options out there for successfully lowering your blood pressure.  To get you on the fast track to better health, we’ll not only look at why it’s important to lower your blood pressure, but also go over some exercises excellent for tackling the job.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure – A Little Motivation

First and foremost, it’s important to keep track of your blood pressure, which is why it’s a good idea to have regular check-ups.  High blood pressure itself isn’t likely to present any symptoms, so unless you have it checked you might not know about it until it causes you to develop some kind of health condition. 

High blood pressure can lead to a variety of health issues, such as heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and kidney ailments.  The likelihood of developing high blood pressure and its related risks are increased with weight problems, smoking, and general physical inactivity.

Exercises for Everyone

One of the best ways to exercise in order to lower your blood pressure is to find activities that feel more like fun than actual exercise.  Riding a bike, swimming, hiking, dancing, and even doing yoga are great activities that will help lower your blood pressure.  Cardio in general is what you want to specifically look for when it comes to exercising in order to improve your blood pressure. 


Whatever activity you choose, you need to keep at it for at least half an hour.  If you pick something that you enjoy doing or which keeps your mind somewhat occupied, then half an hour of exercise a day won’t seem like such a big deal.  Also, the longer you keep up a good exercise program, the easier it will become over time. 

Another great tip for getting you more in the mood to exercise is to find activities that are also social in nature.  You can go biking with friends or family members, take up a dancing class, or join a running group.

While cardio is important, you’ll also want to improve your muscle strength through the use of weights or exercise bands.  Weight training will help lose weight and boost your metabolism, both of which are important for reducing your blood pressure. 


If you’re not sure about what kind of weight training is best for you or how you can best exercise, then it may be a good idea to find a fitness trainer who can help walk you through everything.  Many fitness trainers are skilled at working specifically with people who are trying to lower their blood pressure, so it should be relatively easy to find someone who understands your particular needs and can help create a program specific for your situation.

Apart from specific exercises that you can do, there are also lots of ways that you can incorporate supplemental activities into your everyday life that will help in lowering your blood pressure.  The big thing is to get active, so you need to find ways of doing things that keep you moving. 

For example, when you go to a store, instead of parking as close as possible to the entrance, park farther away so that you can get a good walk to and from the store.  Take the stairs as much as possible, and stretch out different chores around the house so that you have to make multiple trips or go through multiple motions.  These things may feel redundant, but they’ll get your heart pumping and encourage your body to burn fat.

Staying motivated is probably the biggest obstacle that anyone faces when they try to get into a good exercise routine.  To help in staying on the right track, pick a time of day that you know will be routinely free for your exercises so that you can get yourself into the habit of working out at the same time every day.  This will help you keep a good rhythm to your exercise routine and will make it less likely that you’ll break it. 

Also, understand that lowering your blood pressure is a process, so set various goals for yourself in stages that are realistic.  As you work your way through the process and monitor your success, you’ll feel more and more encouraged to keep going.  You might also consider taking supplements specifically designed to help maintain healthy blood pressure, as blood pressure products in conjunction with exercise and good nutrition will likely help you garner better results.

Team-Based Approach Extremely Successful For High Blood Pressure

A new approach for high blood pressure treatment based on teams has led to an improvement of over thirty percent in patients suffering from hypertension at a Rochester clinic. The study, published in the Journal of The American Society of Hypertension has found out that this approach is extremely successful when dealing with patients who belong to a minority or that are in the lower-income brackets as they typically face a large number of barriers when it comes to getting effective treatment for hypertension and heart diseases. This will come as great news for patients in the United States as currently over one third of the adult population suffers from hypertension and it will also do wonders for doctors and healthcare professionals as they work towards improving the current treatments available to those patients.

The development of this new treatment started when a number of clinical teams were developed in Rochester; these teams were integrated by qualified staff which included doctors, pharmacists and nurses who came together to help patients treat their hypertension effectively while teaching them how to maintain healthy blood pressure. The pharmacists in charge of these patients implemented new strategies which included the use of pill boxes as well as setting up automatic refills for patients which also sent reminders to family members. The pharmacists also worked together with nurses and physicians to develop a pill-taking regime that took the needs of their patients into consideration in order to effectively schedule medications.

The nurses who participated in this study were in charge of supervising patients and making sure that they took their medications on time while keeping a close eye on the dosage. They also helped patients monitor blood pressure levels and offered advice on healthy eating habits as well as highlighting the importance of staying active regularly.

Finally, the physicians taking part in this study, were in charge of assessing the physical effects of maintaining healthy blood pressure levels while recommending lifestyle changes that could further improve the health of their patients.

The study was conducted between 2010 and 2014 and it was led by Dr. Robert J. Fortuna who was in charge of collecting and analyzing blood pressure data for each patient for a period of four months. After analyzing these results, the study concluded that this team-based approach resulted in an improvement of over 30 percent for patients struggling with Stage 2 hypertension.

As mentioned before, this team-based approach will benefit low-income patients and minority groups who typically are unaware of their blood pressure levels and the effects that hypertension could have on their bodies and their circulatory system as having healthy blood pressure typically reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, kidney failure and several other diseases that could prove to be deadly if left untreated.

Dr. John D. Bisonago, president of the American Society of Hypertension also highlighted the importance of the findings as they provide valuable data that could be used in the future by physicians and health care professionals to diagnose and treat hypertension while bringing attention to a problem that kills millions and millions of Americans every year.

In a regular clinical environment patients are used to being treated on an individual basis. However, this model makes it very difficult to address all the clinical and medical needs of a patient in a reduced window of time, this is why this approach could be revolutionary as doctors attempt to develop new, more effective methods to treat their patients. By working together, a group of healthcare professionals and their patients can cover a wider range of health issues while minimizing roadblocks and prioritizing the needs of these at-risk groups?

And while prior studies have already highlighted the benefits of working in groups, this study in particular demonstrates that these benefits are not exclusive to a highly-controlled environment and that they can actually help patients in a real-world setting. The project which was funded by a grant from the Rochester Health Foundation has proven to be extremely successful and the results drawn from the study were very clear to the experts working on this case.

Hopefully, the results of this study can have impact in the real world and benefit those who need it the most. Regardless of whether doctors in the future move towards a team-based approach or maintain the current individual approach, it is very important to understand the dangers of hypertension and how to minimize the risk of developing a more serious condition.

High Blood Pressure and Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful things a woman can experience. The expectancy of delivering a healthy child is one that parents cherish and one that is so unique and enchanting to the point where some women describe pregnancy as the “most intense experience” of their life. Fortunately, we live in a great age where most of the risky conditions associated with development and delivery of a child can be spotted early during early pregnancy so that the proper steps may be taken in order to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. Besides, most doctors now encourage their patients to take pre-natal vitamins and supplements that can help them be better prepared for their pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are things that doctors can’t always predict; for example, having to deal with high blood pressure during pregnancy and the effects that this could have on the unborn child.

What Causes High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy?

Our bodies respond to the different situations in which it finds itself in many different ways, and as you may already know, there are a lot of different changes going on in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Some of these changes are physiological while there are some hormonal changes as well. All of the hormones released in a woman’s body can cause blood pressure levels to rise depending on how healthy the mother is and whether or not there are any pre-existing conditions that could cause blood pressure levels to increase.

Another risk factor when it comes to hypertension is medication. Keep in mind that there are some medications and supplements that need to be taken on a regular basis to make sure the mother’s body and its condition are ideal for delivery and development. For example, folic acid is a staple of a mother’s pregnancy cocktail which plays a vital role in development and must be taken prior to getting pregnant and during the early stages of the pregnancy. Another supplement that can be taken by women who want to maintain healthy blood pressure is PD120 because it is made with a natural list of ingredients that have no negative side-effects on the body of a pregnant woman. PD120 is a natural supplement that will help maintain healthy blood pressure.

What Are The Risks Of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy?

The largest risk associated with hypertension during pregnancy is Preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a dangerous condition which is characterized by having protein in the urine and is known to cause damage to other organs in the body after the fifth semester. When left untreated, preeclampsia can have deadly effects for the mother and the baby, which is why it is important to constantly monitor your blood pressure during the term. In order to understand how to avoid preeclampsia, we should take a quick look at the stages of high blood pressure during pregnancy and how they can progress to the development of preeclampsia.

The first stage leading to preeclampsia is known as chronic hypertension. Women who have chronic hypertension show increased blood pressure levels either before the pregnancy or have it develop during the first 20 weeks of the pregnancy term. One of the problems of chronic hypertension is that it is usually symptomless and most women are not aware of it until they find they’ve already developed gestational hypertension, which refers to increased blood pressure levels after the 20th week of pregnancy. Having hypertension after the 20th week can be extremely dangerous for both the mother and the child and is characterized by the presence of excess protein the urine, though this is not always the case. As the levels of excess protein being discarded in the urine increase, the risk of developing preeclampsia rise proportionally.

Treating HIgh Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

One of the best ways to avoid having to deal with high blood pressure during pregnancy is to simply do the same things that you would do normally to keep your blood pressure in check. Eat less processed/packaged foods, avoid eating foods rich in sodium, take your daily dose of PD120, a natural supplement, and increase the levels of physical activity you perform, remember that one of the greatest myths when it comes to pregnancy is that you should not do any physical activity that is considered intense, and while this is generally the case for high-risk pregnancies, women who are able to move around and continue doing their daily chores can exercise as well, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t take that walk, use the elliptic machine at the gym or do any of the activities previously approved by your physician.

Best Options to Support Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

Did you know that other than prescription medication, there are a lot of high blood pressure cures that really work? Unfortunately, our society and workers in the medical field have placed an unfair emphasis on curing health ailments using nothing but prescription medication while ignoring the thousands of years that have been invested into developing natural cures. Natural remedies strengthen our bodies and help us get back to being healthy without any of the harmful side effects typically associated with prescription medication. After all, what is the point of curing hypertension using nothing but medicine, when you can potentially expose your body to harmful side effects, such as nausea, coughs, dizziness, lack of energy and other ailments?

Blood Pressure Supplements and Lifestyle Changes

This is one of the reasons why many patients nowadays are working together with doctors and health care workers in an attempt to go back to our roots and figure out a healthier way to fight conditions like high blood pressure. Unfortunately, not too many people are aware of the fact that there are quite a lot of natural cures for hypertension that really do work; and the effectiveness of these cures is enhanced greatly when combined with a rich natural supplement like PD120 that helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

The first thing that we need to consider when thinking about curing hypertension is the size of our waistline and any extra pounds that we might be carrying around. Unfortunately, obesity is a major health epidemic right now that has spread to all group ages due to our dependency on canned products, fast food and snacks. All of these products are calorie-dense and don’t really provide a lot of nutrients, which means that we have to eat larger quantities of these foods in order to feel satiated. Another worrying fact is that these foods that we just described are almost always packed with sodium; a mineral which is known to cause water retention; one of the main causes behind hypertension.

Those patients looking to naturally treat high blood pressure  will no doubt have to put in a lot of work in order to achieve their goal, but we need to really stress the fact that people who are overweight or even obese have a higher tendency to exhibit the symptoms of hypertension and are far more likely to develop health conditions stemming from it than those patients who are not overweight.

And while we are not saying that patients within their ideal weight range are exempt or immune to suffering from hypertension, it is a fact that obesity plays a major role in the development of this terrible health condition. As we grow larger, the vessels in our body are constricted, the heart has to put a lot more effort to deliver blood to our organs, muscles and bones and the skin. Unfortunately, when people decide to start taking prescription medication for a condition like hypertension, they tend to neglect the fact that going on a diet and increasing the level of physical activity they get on a daily basis are far more effective methods of treating this terrible condition without exposing themselves to any side effects. Especially when combined with a natural blood pressure supplement like PD120 which is rich in nutrients that can maintain healthy blood pressure safely and in a short period of time.

Dietary Additions to Lower Blood Pressure

Another tool at our disposal that can be extremely helpful when it comes to fighting high blood pressure can come in the form of superfoods. Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that are known for their healing properties and varied and rich nutrient content. Some of the most common superfoods that are used in the fight against hypertension include mustard seeds, beet juice and ginger root, amongst others. While these superfoods by themselves will not cure hypertension, they can represent a significant improvement in the health of patients who are struggling with hypertension; remember that the fight against hypertension is a long one and one should make an effort to remain patient and constant through this ordeal. Remember that there are natural ways in which hypertension can be cured as long as patients are willing to put in the work and make significant changes to their lifestyle. After all, what is the point of depending on prescription medication when we are just going to end up feeling worse than we did before? Shouldn’t we rely instead on preventive measures and natural treatments that will not only restore our blood pressure levels but increase our overall quality of life? Hopefully this article can help those patients who are looking into natural cures and are confident that the power to restore their health is within themselves.


Can Ginger Lower Blood Pressure?

Ginger Is a superfood that has been studied for many years in Asia and the Indian subcontinent due to its healing properties; as a food ingredient. It has been a vital part of Asian cuisine but its status as a superfood has been in place for thousands of years and it has a long history of use for relieving gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea, lack of appetite and inflammation. But did you know that ginger could also be a very powerful ally when it comes to maintaining healthy blood pressure?

The Effects of Ginger on Blood Pressure

In order to understand why ginger root can help patients struggling with their blood pressure levels, we first need to understand that ginger roots are packed with phenolic compounds that are known to relieve irritation and inflammation. This large group of metabolites are responsible for the color of the ginger root as well as for health benefits which have been researched thoroughly by ancient cultures. These phenolic compounds are also known for their antioxidant properties. In nature they prevent the oxidation of cells, slowing down the death of these cells by preserving cellular structure in larger organisms.

But, can ginger lower blood pressure? According to several authors and researches who have worked on this topic, eating raw ginger root can help patients struggling with hypertension by reducing the level of stress in arteries, improving blood flow and preventing blood clots.

Another study published in December 2009 in the Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics studied the benefits of drinking ginger-cardamom powder daily on patients with hypertension. The benefits of this combination were studied for several months and the results concluded that those patients who drank ginger-cardamom team on a regular basis, showed a constant reduction in their blood pressure levels. The study also points out the fact that cinnamon is a spice that can definitely improve circulation due to the high levels of flavonoids found in ginger root.

Flavonoids are extremely beneficial nutrients found in all sorts of fruits, vegetable, roots and legumes that can help patients fight off a large number of health ailments; from pain and inflammation to hypertension and colitis. By focusing their research on the large number of flavonoids found in ginger root, scientists and food experts were able to determine that the flavonoid content found in ginger root when combined with cardamom was an excellent home remedy that could be used to treat mild cases of hypertension as it helped patients with high blood pressure drop their diastolic and systolic readings by 4 or 5 points on average.

More Natural Alternatives to Lower Blood Pressure

And while ginger root and ginger root tea won’t be enough to completely cure your hypertension, it is important to consider the fact that this reduction in blood pressure levels could be significantly improved by consuming a natural blood pressure supplement like PD120 which is rich in nutrients that can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels; take for example the Coenzyme CoQ-10, an extremely beneficial ingredient that is naturally produced by the body and is known to help manage energy supplies in the body as well as restoring the tissue found in blood vessels.

By combining the quality ingredients found in PD120 with the nutrients found in ginger root, we are maximizing the healing properties of both and making sure that its helps our body maintain healthy blood pressure levels without putting it through the harmful side effects of prescription medication. Remember that high blood pressure can be cured naturally and without drugs as long as you are willing to put in the work needed to succeed; a combination of a natural supplement with other superfoods and an increased level of physical activity can be far more effective than prescription medication by itself.

The status of ginger as a superfood is justified without a doubt due to the large number of nutrients that can be found in it and the thousands of years of documented use that have gone on to reveal the healing properties of this wonderful cooking ingredient. Remember that the unique nutrients found in every natural food are the ultimate basis used in prescription medication. And while the effectiveness of prescription medication when it comes to treating high blood pressure is undisputed, it Is at this point that one has to ask himself whether or not the long list of side effects associated with prescription medication are worth it, especially when it is not hard to see that there are natural ingredients that can provide the same level of relief without any of the side effects.


Treat High Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Did you know that around the world, 22 percent of adults are suffering from hypertension? While these numbers are simply put, staggering, a more concerning figure is the number of Americans currently struggling with this deadly condition, which is somewhere around 35%. As you can see, this is a considerable increase from the global figure, which leads us to wonder why Americans are so likely to be diagnosed with hypertension.

Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure

Some of the risk factors normally associated with hypertension include obesity, a diet high in sodium, a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of nutrients that can affect the circulatory system.

Unfortunately, when people find out that they are diagnosed with hypertension they immediately wish will be to be put on medication to treat this condition, and what they fail to realize at this point is the fact that there are a large number of side effects associated with prescription medication for high blood pressure.  Some of these side effects include coughs, shivering, lack of energy, erectile dysfunction, a disrupted sleep pattern and weakness. When people start taking medication for their hypertension, they usually start feeling worse than they did before the medication and it can sometimes be quite difficult to notice a significant improvement in blood pressure levels.

This is why more and more people nowadays are looking into different treatment options, including treatments based on natural ingredients that have virtually no side effects, unlike the most common prescription treatments available out there.

Treating High Blood Pressure Naturally

Treating high blood pressure without drugs is extremely easy as long as the patient is willing to put in the work and invest into buying healthy foods, becoming more active and recruiting the help of a natural blood pressure supplement like PD120. PD120 is made with natural ingredients and will help maintain healthy blood pressure.

When it comes to the topic of food, there is a common misconception that leads people to believe that eating healthy is somehow expensive. What people don’t realize in these cases is that eating healthy, home-cooked meals that offer a healthy macronutrient balance and that are rich in vitamins and minerals is actually quite cheap. Yes, we will not argue that it is much easier to just drive to the local burger chain and order burgers and milkshakes for everyone, but for a family of four the cost can add up quickly. For example, a normal family of 4 can expect to spend at least 30 dollars when ordering a standard combo at a fast food chain. These 30 dollars will be spent on junk food that doesn’t offer much in terms of nutrition and that is packed with saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, and sodium. Those thirty dollars could be used instead to purchase enough groceries to feed your family three or four days while offering a healthy meal that will help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Exercise and High Blood Pressure

Changing your diet would all be in vain if you do not factor in the importance of staying active. Our bodies are the ultimate machine; think of your body as a luxury car. If you do not give it adequate maintenance and use it as intended, it will deteriorate quickly. But if you are willing to put in the work it takes to keep your car performing to the best of its abilities, then you will find that the rides are more enjoyable and your car lasts longer. When it comes to staying healthy, regular exercise is of vital importance. And when we say “regular exercise” we are not saying you should be prepared to complete an ironman triathlon tomorrow. We are simply saying that walking 30 minutes a day, running a few miles or swimming laps for half an hour everyday can give you enough activity to keep your heart healthy and functioning to the best of its abilities.

High blood pressure is a dangerous condition that can be deadly if left ignored or untreated. Unfortunately, the most common treatments for this condition involve dangerous drugs with severe side effects that can impact the quality of life of their patients.

Grab a bottle of PD120 today and start thinking about all the positive changes that you need to make in your life to remain healthy. Remember that maintaining healthy blood pressure levels without drugs is possible, as long as you’re willing to work for it.