About Us

My name is Jules Roberts and I am the creator of PD120. For the past 30 years I worked in the medical field dealing directly with hospitals, physicians, and patients. My wife is an herbalist and we have come to recognize the benefits of natural remedies as well as the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs.


I make sure to maintain an exercise routine and healthy diet. I run and lift weights daily. For 10 years I have experienced frequent migraines and nausea. For a decade I have suffered from high blood pressure. Over the years my doctor recommended several drugs designed to lower my blood pressure. They did bring my blood pressure to normal levels, but the side effects that accompanied these pills were unbearable.


I knew I had to find another way to restore my blood pressure, or risk potentially deadly results. For months I researched every nutrient and amino acid that were known to support healthy blood pressure levels. I decided to stop taking my prescription medication and test these natural remedies on myself.  In less than a week my blood pressure was normal and I did not experience any negative side effects, but it became too expensive to take each ingredient separately.


I consulted with an FDA-certified chemist and together we found a way to get these powerful ingredients into gel capsules, making my solution affordable. I have created a supplement to help maintain healthy blood pressure.


If you are not totally satisfied with PD120, you can send it back to us, you have my personal promise.