I created PD120 when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure more than 20 years ago. My doctor put me on one useless medication after another. When we finally found one that worked, the side effects were so bad that life barely seemed worth living.

The doctor told me, “You’ll just have to live with the side effects.” Well that was unacceptable to me.

Over the course of the five medications I tried, my side effects ranged from coughing spells, extreme dizziness and fatigue, severe headaches, to a complete cratering of my libido.

Out of sheer frustration, my wife and I began doing research.  After months of studying published scientific studies and speaking with doctors and nutritionists, we discovered certain natural ingredients were clinically proven to lower blood pressure.  I tried many different dosages until finally my blood pressure started to come down and eventually was normal and stayed normal.  Not only did I achieve perfect blood pressure, but I felt great.  No more head aches, and my energy levels were through the roof.  I felt like I did when I was in my twenties.  My stress levels also came down.  I was much calmer and relaxed.  

I took this combination of ingredients for 20 years spending upwards of $100 each month.  A few years ago, I decided to go to an FDA lab and have these ingredients put into one easy to take soft gel.  These liquid soft gels are easy to take, and much more affordable.  Now everyone with high blood pressure can experience the same relief I did with PD120.  



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Before using PD120® please consult with your physician. PD120® is meant as a supplement to support healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, circulation and more, and should not replace any prescribed medication unless first speaking with your physician.

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