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Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars. Based on 113 Reviews

Great product by shushoo on 05/23/2016

*I understand that you have to charge what you do. This is the first natural remedy that I have tried that really works. My blood pressure went down 30 points in 2 weeks!

Still testing out by Blessed on 05/20/2016

*Thankful something natural for our bodies

Seems to be working fine by Venise on 05/18/2016

*I like the fact that this is more natural than the chemical that a doctor prescribes. I feel much better.

Really works! by shusoo on 05/17/2016

*Day by day, I feel better and better. This product really works.

the product works by Jeff K. on 05/11/2016

*the product works

Good Product by Mike on 05/10/2016

*Seems to be working. I've have not really had a chance to monitor yet but I do notice more energy.

Natural by BevSwan on 05/01/2016

*I never took blood pressure medication before, but I went to donate blood and the gal told me my blood pressure was to high. I am glad I tried Pressure Down, it really helps and feel good taking it because it is natural.

Great product and service. by mrk1 on 04/27/2016

*I have been taking this product for 3 weeks and it works great.

works as advertised by pete on 04/26/2016

*works as advertised

Works by Bruce on 04/22/2016

*Brought my BP down 10 points ! Was able to pass my DOT physical ! Will definitely stay on it !

Zenni by Wine19571 on 04/21/2016

*Great value for the price. Pressure 120 is great !!!

Great product! by Mrkthis on 04/21/2016

*I have been taking this for 2 weeks. It is working well so far.

keep up the good work by S. Smith on 04/21/2016

*Thank you, everything is back to normal. My blood pressure hasn't been this tuned in years. Also my medications made me dizzy, you product makes it nice not to be dizzy.keep up the good work.

works as advertised by Peter on 04/20/2016

*Love this product

Great product. I will keep buying it. by Tony on 04/19/2016

*My blood pressure was way up, in the 160 / 120 region, but I was not having any symptoms. I did not want to take any medication, and was looking for something reasonably priced that was natural that works. PressureDown came to my rescue. Now I am down to 128/76 and I feel brand new. I will keep buying this product and tell others about it. Thanks you guys.

Very good product by Babyjesus4life on 04/19/2016

*Well I have to say I am very happy with your product and I am back to my 100%..and a note to men ..my blood pressure being as it was made my sex life pretty sad but no joke for me the first day I started I got an erection and sex was far from my mind.. Give it a try it sure want hurt you..

It actually works! by Pleasantly Surprised on 04/18/2016

*I was very skeptical of this product, but much to my surprise, it actually works. I've been on it about 4 days and my blood pressure has gone down 5 points. I have not changed my eating nor increased excerise, so it must be the Pressuredown 120.

Feeling better by Steven on 04/18/2016

*Just started taking it feeling better.

This has helped my blood pressure. by Alice on 04/14/2016

*The combo does work just as you said.

Working wonders by Msd on 04/13/2016

*So far my husband's blood pressure has stayed down since he started taking it 4 weeks ago.

Great by Bev on 04/13/2016

*Product seems to be helping a lot.

Love, love, love by BevS on 04/09/2016

*I have been taking Pressure one for about 3 weeks now. Feel great, don't crave sweets like I used to, and don't have to get up that much to urinate at night, 4+ times, down to about 2 times. Just feel better. Thank you for making a good product.

Thos works! My blood pressure is down where it should be. Thanks! by Alice on 04/08/2016

*Works like a dream!

This works! by Alice on 04/08/2016

*This has helped drop my blood pressure to normal. Hooray!

Great product. Will continue using it. by Alice on 04/08/2016

*Works as you said it would. Thanks!

Feedback by Dennis D. on 04/07/2016

*I feel you have a great product and intend to continue using.

thank you so much by ab on 04/07/2016

*Thank you so much I can smile again my blood pressure is now normal

Good health by Reginald on 04/07/2016

*This stuff really works love it and thank you

works as advertised by pete on 04/06/2016

*Will keep getting

Good product by Jeremy A on 04/05/2016

*The product seems to be working well so far. I'm glad I've found a more natural alternative to medication.

Review by Fig on 04/05/2016

*So far this is working. It only has been a week.

I do agree it's AWESOME!! by A.B. on 04/04/2016

*I'm 62 yrs young started feeling bad with headaches and sick to my stomach. I did research on the product and I do agree it's AWESOME!!

Thank you guys by Anne on 04/04/2016

*Thank you guys for pressure down 120 my blood pressure is now 132/82 am thinking of sending it to my mom in Jamaica am spreading the word to my friends too

Good Product by Dan on 04/04/2016

*Been taking 2 tablets per day for 2 weeks and it lower my BP down to 128/84 so far its been helping out.

So Grateful... by Annetta B on 03/29/2016

*My blood pressure has moved from 167/90 to 132/82 am so grateful for pressure down I will continue taking pressure down

Love it by mac on 03/29/2016

*I like the fact it comes monthly to the house. I also have been taking 2 in the morning and 1 at the end of the day. It has bringing my pressure down a little more. Great product

I highly recommend it. by Janet on 02/29/2016

*These supplements had an extremely positive impact on my blood pressure within a few days.

Good product by Alice on 02/28/2016

*I bought theses for my father they were a little to expensive for me . However they are working amazing for my father he feels a lot better . Thank you for your business your company is fast And your people respond fast .

This product delivers in results quickly. I have recommended this to my friends and family. by TB on 02/23/2016

*This product delivers in results quickly. I have recommended this to my friends and family.

S.K. by Thank U on 02/22/2016

*my pressure is good now 137-78, it was 190-110, thank u

RS by Feedback on 02/22/2016

*It's great , I love it :-)

Great supplement! by Janet on 02/22/2016

*Taking this supplement along with a good diet and exercise will definitely improve your blood pressure

Awesome... by HBP survivor on 02/21/2016

*I feel better after taking product...looking for continued great results.

product good by none on 02/16/2016

*Thank you for pressuredown 120 mt pressure just taken was 143 over 68 it has helped me big time was 150 over 110 very good now thank u ever so much againt

Your product continues to provide amazing results! by Bruce on 02/13/2016

*Best in class product of its kind in the circle of great supplements that really work!

Excellent product -- keep up the good work! by Bruce on 02/09/2016

*I appreciate the excellent product and supportive staff. Your communication and client service expertise is appreciated. -Bruce J.

It's very good! by RG on 01/11/2016

*Your product is very good my blood pressure was 167/93; after two weeks its 143/73.

Was doubtful by Annette on 01/06/2016

*This product is amazing! I am almost finished my first bottle and for the first time in a very long time my blood pressure is finally close to the norm. So thankful I am finally feeling good!

Need a little more time by Irv on 01/05/2016

*I think it's working along with a low salt diet. I will give it a little more time.

Great product by MA on 01/05/2016

*Ok so I wrote a review earlier today ! I said I was going to increase my dosage because my pressure was staying at 150-155/120 or so. This morning I took 3 tablets just took my blood pressure at 5:30 it was 140/86 . Going to try it again tomorrow !

I was surprised by MsRose on 12/31/2015

*I tried these pills over taking hydrochlorothiazide which made me take potassium and electrolytes. But 2 pills in 3 days took my bp from 140/95 to 104/77,with no side effects,I was surprised and so was my doctor. ...No more drugs

Thanks So Very Much by Dino on 12/28/2015

*Pressure down 120 worked very well for me I would recommend it to anyone with high blood pressure

GREAT PRODUCT!!!! by FunnyBone on 12/25/2015

*Excellent Product, Works Great. Thanks

ALOHA by CGC on 12/24/2015

*Over the past few years I've noticed when i would go to the doctor my blood pressure would be high 150-160, 80-90. I started a week ago taking this while having a cold and being on antibiotics. I had a reading of 158/86 a week later still taking my antibiotics its at 139/87.Very happy will continue to take and re-order.MAHALO for this product.

Blood pressure by MsRose on 12/23/2015

*OK it's amazing, I started taking pressure down 120 less than a week ago, tired of taking the water pills prescribed by my doctor, it lead me to taking other meds but after trying pressure down I was happy to see there were no side effects, easy to take and bp went from 140/95 to 104/77 that's perfect. My doctor was pleasantly surprised and so was I thanks. .

I love this vitamin by Kris on 12/22/2015

*It is really working.

ALOHA by CGC on 12/22/2015

*I received my bottle, but i have been sick with a cold. I started taking it anyway. I did not see any improvement in the first few days,the day i started my blood pressure was 158/86. today makes one full week and it was 139/87.this is still while being on antibiotics.It does work and i can't wait for the results after a full month and not taking any medication.MAHALO.

Blood Pressure went down by Tony on 12/21/2015

*Before I started taking PressureDown120 my blood pressure was 169/105/67 its currently 155/101/69 after 7 days , I'll keep taking the product for 30 day and give you an update then, Thanks PD120

Very Helpful! by Eddy on 12/15/2015

*My BP was around 150 over 100 and the doctor prescribed medication, but after reading the side effects of that drug I wanted to try something natural first. Pressure down 120 has lowered my BP to manageable levels now so it has worked for me.

Amazing by Kris66 on 12/14/2015

*I have only been taking Pressuredown120 for a couple of days. I have notice that it has given me more energy and helping me feel much better. I will take my first bp reading next week and I will know for sure if it is helping keep my bp down.

It works great by Steven on 12/13/2015

*It works great. I would recommend it to others

Great product by Judge Marilyn on 12/11/2015

*I like the product. I can sure feel the difference in my blood pressure. Thank you so much.

I LOVE IT!!! by tenessA on 12/10/2015

*I have been taking this for 3 weeks it works and I have no nasty side effects!!

pleasant taste for medicine by rwlongamore on 12/01/2015

*Hopeful that this will help lower my blood pressure naturally I will leave an update after I have had a chance to check it in about a week or two

It works! by Norma on 11/29/2015

**I started taking the PD120 om Nov 13, 2015. I'm glad to have found this product; its been lowering my bp steadily, I'm not at 120/80 or lower yet but it has bought it from 188/133 down to 155/91.overall. However, on last Thursday it was 144/84 around 9 p.m. I have to use more than the suggested dosage of two capsules for now until it builds up in my system, btw I've been hypertensive for almost 30 years, to have finally a product that is working is a blessing for me, and for others as I've read some of the testimonials. I will keep will keep you posted on the progress I'm having. I've also started exercising for 30 minutes daily on Nov 23, 2015. Thank you Norma ps I love the no side effects YES!! .

Love it just live it! by MA on 11/28/2015

*Just love this product so happy not to have to be stuck taking a perscrption medicine !

better than taking prescriptions! much better! by aqua on 11/26/2015

*i believe pressure down does work. it is a little slow for me, but it could be my machine that isnt working properly. i have gone from 176/114 to 146/89 in less than 2 weeks time. i would definitely recommend this to anyone with hbp!

fast shipping by rwlongamore on 11/26/2015

*I have been takeing this for a week I am going to check my blood pressure again before takeing this my blood pressure avg was 150/100 pulse was 99 I am interested in finding out what it is after a week and then after 2&4 weeks to see how well this works

Thanks by Di on 11/25/2015

*I have been taking the Pressuredown 120 for a little over a week, I have seen changes in my blood pressure. I will continue to monitor the result and update this page in another week. so far so good.

I have signed up for a monthly delivery! by toto on 11/24/2015

*It has really helped, this product and a healthy diet and my blood pressure is going down!!!I Thank-you!!


*OH.....MY......GOD!!! After two days from emailing you the very first time back on November 15 informing you that it was my first time taking the supplements on the 15th? Two days later my blood pressure is now 173/109!!! I gotta say it - and I am one that has NEVER been wow'ed a day in my life by ANYTHING - this creation is DEFINITELY a magic capsule...I'm shouting literally! Please thank the CEO/FOUNDER of this supplement five times over and that he has found a repeat valued customer in me for a lifetime. Better yet, let him read this email himself so that he can see that he has a happy customer and super-highly satisfied customer. Being that as it may, I can seriously tell my doctor where he can shove those prescribed blood pressure pills at (they're Norvasc w/ so many side effects) in which I will never take - as long as the Founder of this miracle supplement keeps on making. Thank you all so, so much. My pressure is going down, down, DOWN by the day!

Tell me I am not dreaming by Willie on 11/16/2015

*May I ask a general question and please be totally honest. Is it possible for the product to work the same day? Because I took two this morning and took two about close to 7 at night and when I checked my pressure, the top number lowered by 7 and the bottom lowered by 9 points. I'm talking at first, before I even starting taking the capsule, in which this is the very first day, my pressure was 188/121 before taking, now tonight after checking it about 41 minutes or so ago, it's 181/112. Tell me I am not dreaming, and please be frank! Those 11 ingredients in this capsule is mighty dog gone powerful if this is the case.

Amazing! by Corey A. on 11/15/2015

*God bless you!! My blood pressure went from 160/92 to 130/80. The makers of this product are angels!

Awesome product! Works amazing by sam on 11/10/2015

*I am just amazed by pressuredown 120 . I was skeptical at first then I said to myself i can't lose why not. So I tried it on Sat and 3 days later my blood pressure was in normal ranges unbelievable and zero side effects... I definitely recommend this all natrual product to anyone who is looking for a natrual very safe no side effect product. Thank You. Pressuredown 120 for all you did to make this product so life saving.

It WORKS! by Dave on 10/20/2015

*I could never get my blood pressure to be stable. Now its been the same..125/80 since I have been on the supplement you gave me.

It Worked! by Amanda Peters on 10/04/2015

*Thank you so much for this amazing product! I can now go about my daily life confident I am in good health. My blood pressure is finally normal!

awesome product!!! by Jake Henry on 10/01/2015

*This product is awesome! My wife and I have been taking it daily for months now and have never felt better! We ordered 2 subscriptions and receive 2 bottles monthly. It is stress free and effective!

Will never use anything else by Ken D. on 09/29/2015

*I was on my BP meds for years and they made me feel absolutely terrible. I came across this products and brought it to my doctor. He advised me it was safe to try it out and I haven't looked back since. I take 2 pills every morning and I now have healthy blood pressure, the natural way...I never thought it would happen!

Normal BP!! by Ray on 09/22/2015

*I have to say I am so grateful for your natural amazing product. Finally, a safe and natural supplement that actually works! My BP is normal now!

I was skeptical at first, but it actually worked! by Adam M. on 09/14/2015

*I’ve been a victim of high blood pressure since I was in my 20’s. I am now in my 60’s and realize that I cannot leave my condition untreated. My wife discovered PressureDown120 and begged me to try it. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but it actually worked. Within 5 days my blood pressure readings were normal for the first time in 40 years!

miracle pill! by Ronald on 07/14/2015

*This is truly a miracle pill...it's natural and stabilized my blood pressure levels literally in 9 days!

I recommend this to everyone! by Vanessa G. on 06/28/2015

*I recommend this to everyone! It made me healthy again. I got a subscription and have it delivered every month. It's worth every penny. IT saved me!! Thank youu!

It did the trick! by David Helms on 06/15/2015

*It did the trick! NOTHING would work for me. My blood pressure was way too high for years and years. I tried prescriptions and several supplements. PressureDown120 WORKS. My blood pressure went from 140/110 to 120/90!!

It really worked for me! by Dan M. on 05/29/2015

*I was on BP lowering pills for years. My doctor said it was imperative, but they made me feel sick. I finally decided to stop taking them and go the natural route and thats when I came across PressureDown120. I couldn't be happier with the results. It worked! My blood pressure is actually stable now and healthy!

I can't believe it... by Amanda King on 04/26/2015

*I never thought I would find something that would actually put my blood pressure at healthy levels and make me feel good too! Thank you so much PressureDown120!

My husband and I both want to thank PressureDown120! by Bonnie Goldberg on 04/23/2015

*My husband and I both want to thank PressureDown120 for stabilizing our blood pressure. It took years for us to find a pill that worked and kept us feeling like ourselves.

THANK YOU! by Regina L. on 04/06/2015

*My dad and I both have high blood pressure. He found PressureDown120 online and got us both a bottle to try. My blood pressure is normally around 150/96. After taking PressureDown120 for a month, my blood pressure is about 133/77!! This is a significant different and HUGE relief for me. I feel so much better and I don't get headaches all the time like I used too THANK YOU!

I thank god for this pill... by Becky on 04/03/2015

*My doctor gave me blood pressure pills that made me feel weak and tired. I had to get stop taking them. I heard that there were natural ways to lower blood pressure and saw Pressure Down 120. I thank god for this pill. My blood pressure is normal and I have the same energy that I used to.

It lowered it in only 1 week!! by Dan on 03/10/2015

*My father had high blood pressure and he died from a stroke. I was worried that the same thing could happen to me and I got my blood pressure checked. I found out that I had high blood pressure too and I immediately searched for something to get this under control. I found PressureDown120. Pressure Down 120 lowered my blood pressure in only one week!

my blood pressure is now normal! by Camille B. on 03/07/2015

*My BP was 150/90 and I was feeling really bad. My dr tried to give me drugs to take to lower it, but I wanted to try to lower it myself naturally. I found this site and wanted to try presuredown120. It has been 2 months and my blood pressure is now normal! in the 120/80 range. I can't believe how great this product works. Thank you!

Blood pressure is normal for the first time! by Alex Siblesz on 02/20/2015

*I've been a victim of high blood pressure since I was in my 20's. I am now in my 60's and realize that I cannot leave my condition untreated. My wife discovered PressureDown120 and begged me to try it. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but it actually worked. Within 5 days my blood pressure readings were normal for the first time in 40 years!

I was on medication that gave me headaches... by Emily on 02/12/2015

*I had high blood pressure and for years I was on medication that gave me the headaches. It lowered my blood pressure, so I was scared to get off it. My friend told me about PressureDown120. Being that it was natural I thought I would just give it a try and I was so pleasantly surprised. It worked for me and my headaches were gone! I tell everyone about it now

This is AMAZING!!! by Gina on 02/10/2015

*I took your product for 7 days and my blood pressure went from in the 160's / 90's to in the 140's / 80's. During the next week my pressure went to 120's / 70's, and a couple times it even dropped below that! THis is amazing!! I will continue to take this twice daily every day thank youuuu!

I am so thrilled! by Jimmy E. Lee on 02/09/2015

*I am 72 and recently found out that I had high blood pressure. I refused to take prescription medications after reading about the side effects that it could have. I looked up natural pills and found PressureDown120. I am so thrilled to say that my blood pressure is now healthy I didn't have any negative side effects.

my blood pressure went from from 150/90 to 125/81 by Lisa Huttes on 02/07/2015

*I am feeling SOO much better after 2 months of taking pressuredown120. My blood pressure went from from 150/90 to 125/81 in a matter of 60 days.I am so happy that I decided to subscribe to this product. I get one bottle every month like clock work and take 2 capsules a day I can't even remember the last time I felt this good.

Thanks so much! I will be recommending this to everyone with this same issue. by Candace H. on 01/18/2015

*I've been taking pressuredown120 for about a month and I have to say I am really happy with it! I had high blood pressure for a long time and I did not want to take drugs like my doctor wanted me to. I am a natural person and did not want to put chemicals with known horrible side effects into my body. Since I've been taking pressuredown120 my bp levels dropped from 156/94 to 137/80 and I'm pretty confident it will only drop more as I continue taking this daily. Thanks so much! I will be recommending this to everyone with this same issue.

I recently found out that I had high blood pressure by Jimmy on 01/08/2015

*I am 72 and recently found out that I had high blood pressure. I refused to take prescription medications after reading about the side effects that could have. I looked up natural pills and found Pressure Down 120. I am so thrilled to say that it lowered my blood pressure and I didn’t have any negative side effects.

My blood pressure is finally at normal levels! by Greg West on 01/08/2015

*I had high blood pressure and PressureDown120 actually helped. I have been taking it for months now and my blood pressure is finally at normal levels.

I've been taking it for months now by Greg on 12/19/2014

*I had high blood pressure and PressureDown120 lowered it. I have been taking it for months now and my blood pressure is heal

I was blown away! by Jessa on 12/12/2014

*I only eat organic foods and I exercise daily. I was blown away when I found out I had high blood pressure and I would not dare take the blood pressure drugs on the market. I found PressureDown120 online. I love that it’s only made with natural ingredients and it works. My blood pressure is now normal.

PressureDown120 is ranked 4.75 out of 5. Based on 113 user reviews.